• BJJ Worlds HL Clip 2003

    Here is a compilation of some of the best submissions from the Mundials way back in 2003. Look out for Australia’s own Elvis Sinosic catching a guy with a knee bar as a brown belt. Marcelo Garcia also gets tapped with an armbar in this one as a brown belt, he has come along way since then to become one of the worlds best. How times change, its bizarre to see him on the recieving end of an armbar rather than dishing one out. This years worlds will be held in three weeks time in California. Should be a great competition.

    Watching this reminds me that its really the fundamental submissions that do the damage, there’s nothing super-fancy on display here. For the brown and black belts its all in the set up’s and transitions, ultimately being one step ahead of your opponent and controlling where the action goes and when. If you’ve trained for 12-18 months you will have seen most of these submissions before but applying them in a pressure scenario with a non-compliant opponent especially one skilled in jiu-jitsu is a different matter altogether. Nice to watch it done well though.