• Roger Gracie HL Clip’s

    Jacare, Marcelo Garcia and Roger Gracie are three of the biggest names in BJJ/Submission Grappling at the moment. I have posted a Marcelo Garcia HL Clip here previously and he plays a great agile small guy game focused on seated guard, taking the back, arm drags, omoplata and x-guard.

    In contrast, Roger Gracie is a big guy and therefore plays a more top heavy game but is renowned for doing the basics well, he has defeated both Garcia and Jacare in competition. Roger had an amazing run at the 2005 Abu Dhabi submitting all of his opponents in his weight division and the Absolute. This is two HL Clips of some of his memorable Gi matches. His armbar attempt of Jacare is really cool, Jacare throws the kitchen sink at him to escape. There is some overlap between the footage but its worth watching both. Make sure you watch his no-gi finals match with Jacare at Abu Dhabi 2005 at some stage as well which ends with Roger on Jacare’s back whilst standing and choking him to finish.