• Grappling Principles To Remember Whilst Training

    After reading a thread on the underground forum I stole some of these principles which you will hear time and time again whilst learning jiu-jitsu. Its worth reading the thread for some of the more humerous responses. But here are some of the best general principles that can apply to most situations to maybe keep in mind. Although they may appear self-evident common sense isnt always common practice.

    move my hips
    stay small
    ball up when underneath and defending
    protect my neck
    stay calm and remember to breathe
    break balance then attack
    fight for inside control
    control the sleeves
    keep good posture
    know the counters to your own moves
    tap if it hurts
    position before submission
    never let someone control both legs or both arms , break the grip
    when on bottom, don’t be flat on my back
    from guard, don’t let him posture up –from top of guard, posture up
    from top of sidemount, always pin one side of his hips
    underhooks win fights (and jiu jitsu and wrestling matches – standing as well as on the ground)
    create space when defending.
    eliminate space when attacking
    shut up and train
    best way to escape a bad position is to not get in it.