• Pan Pacs, Reminders & Updates

    Now that the long weekend is behind us life gets busy leading up to Christmas. If you want to come to the Chadstone Xmas Function please get your name on the list and $50 to Julie at HQ ASAP (for more details see post Oct 6th). Also be aware that there will be no classes next Saturday 17th November as we have a large contingent of guys from Mornington competing at the Pan Pacs. So if you are not competing please come along and support your team mates and watch a BJJ tournament firsthand. Can those of you that read this please tell Klaus and Serg anything you think may be important since they have an internet phobia.

    After the Pan Pacs we will dump the gi and go to no-gi training for the summer months for all classes. I have a running order going with MMA Merchandise so if you need any extra kit please talk to me soon and I will add it to the order. As far as our christmas doo goes it seems that paintball is the popular favourite, I have checked out the website in Carrum and it seems that it will cost between $150-200, if we get 12 guys commited to the event we will go ahead. None of this saying yes and then pulling out at the last minute shit. I will get Dave to make a list and if your name is on it then I expect you to follow through. I havent arranged a date yet because I wanted to gauge interest before making a booking. I am taking some time off work after xmas but am keen to keep classes up and running over the break. Thats all from me, cya on the mat.