• Pan Pacs 2007

    A big congratulations to all competitors from Mornington Extreme. We did well across the board with Rick, Paul and Chris all winning their respective divisions and putting in solid patient performances. Rick had the takedown, mount and choke sorted for both his matches putting lots of pressure on winning both his weight and open divisions. Paul was patient from closed guard against a heavier opponent and swept to mount for 6 points. Chirs scored a nice takedown from double underhooks in his first match and fought a busy match from his back in the second getting advantages as the other guy was stalling. Niall had four great fights as well and showed nice technique in a huge weight and open division. Big Tom had a day he’d rather forget and felt the lack of mat time going into the event. Klaus also fought a close match against an opponent as patient and wily as himself but lost on takedown points to eventually get third. I’m sure lots of photos and footage will be posted about the websites soon. Thanks boys, you did the club proud.