• Begin with an end in mind….

    Last Saturday we looked at set-ups for 4 fundamental submissions; Armbar, Omoplata, Kimura and Triangle. And rather than spoon feeding these entries I asked each student to choose a single submission and work on 5 entries themselves from different positions. This kind of problem solving has real value in terms of expanding your understanding of the game. It creates triggers in the students mind and gives you a go to move when under pressure, it also allows the student to work within thier own skill set and develop their own tactics and strategies. What I found most interesting is that when we finally did some sparring at the end and just allowed these four submissions only, every single person changed thier usual gameplan significantly. Just by beginning with an end in mind it focused attention and energy right down to the most basic level and just rather than taken what was there or going with the flow having only four options placed a much greater emphasis on getting it right under pressure. Also it created a goal when previously there wasnt one, when a position was reached there was only four choices. Decisions were much easier to make. After watching this effect I decided that we need to use this type of scenario based training more regularily to extend beyond existing comfort zones. Thats what I love about BJJ its all in the set-ups, entries and transitions and anything that helps develop skills in these areas is gold as a teacher.