• Instructors 2 day Training Camp

    This was a great two days of training. Getting a chance to roll with the best of the Extreme bunch was amazing. Between Larry, Habby, Bernie, Chris, Rodney and the Coach there is some serious experience present on the mat. Best just to sit back and soak it up. Learnt heaps of new stuff and refined lots of the basics that will keep us busy at the club for a month. It will be a case of teaching it to remember it. The Friday morning session was taken by Chris Brown and John Donehue and focused on takedowns and throws with the gi and strategies to obtain grip breaks and set up single leg attacks. After lunch their was some match practice and open forum comments on how each match played out. That evening was the grading and a chance to see how the syllabus worked in action. Day two was no-gi with emphasis on guard passing. Each instructor demonstrated their bread and butter passes and we work shopped these together. There was also time for a q&a with the coach about some techniques, trends in grappling and finishes. And as usual feeling is believing. The pressure, pain, leverage, balance and angles that the coach creates are incredible. Another chance for some competitive wrestling and it was off to lunch. After this it was a chance to sit down and review the grading syllabus and insure that there is consistency in the ways in which techniques are taught and perhaps top up on any areas that were not present in the existing outline. There was a positive mood and a feeling that this kind of thing needs to happen more often. Great to catch up with the crew and cant wait for the next one.