• Congratulations

    A big congratulations to the first round of John Donehue Extreme Black Belts. An event ten years in the making. From the left, Habby Heske, Rodney Ellis, Coach John Donehue, Larry Papadopolous, Bernie Jenkins and Cris Brown. This is an amazing group of martial artists in thier own right who now form the basis of the Extreme organisation on a national level. As I have said before if you add up the experience in this group of instructors its scary. As commented on the forums Bernie has taught most of the the other local black belts at some point, Habby has fought pro boxing and thai boxing, Cris has gone to 5 Olympics, Larry fought Pancrase and Shooto before it was trendy to do MMA and is considered a pioneer of grappling in Australia. All are very well rounded martial artists with incredible skills. A huge asset to the group, please train with these guys any chance you get.