• Secrets Of Jiu Jitsu

    1. Train 2-3 times per week consistently. The biggest frustration is getting on the roller coaster.
    2. Be a good training partner. Work with people and not against them.
    3. Stay fit and healthy. Keep a level of fitness to get on the mat and deal with injuries asap.
    4. Set small goals. Focus on different aspects of your game.
    5. Ask questions. Develop an understanding of why and how things work.
    6. Compete in tournaments. Pressure test your skills.
    7. Improve your flexibility. Stretch often.
    8. Visualise techniques.
    9. Drill the basics.
    10. Learn to play. Try stuff.
    11. Watch and copy the pro’s.

    Its all been said before but it needs repeating. Lessons keep appearing until learned. Speaking of which, I discovered another fantastic post today at Aesopian’s blog right here. Some seriously good questions and ideas to help focus your training. More jiu jitsu secrets. Lots of food for thought. Posts aren’t frequent at this site but when they come its gold.