• First Nite at Adrenalin Gym

    Well we survived our first nite at the new premises. Blood noses, popped elbows and a fat lip. All in a days work for a BJJ class. This sure as hell isn’t the easiest sport to partake in, speak to any person who has grappled long and hard enough and there is a long list of injuries to be found. Physio, Chiro, Reco’s, Acunpuncture and party packs of Voltarin. Maybe golf is an option. Anyhow on a brighter note, there is room for a full size mat upstairs at Adrenalin, which is great as we can crack out the fancy cover. Have ordered some banners for inside and will get some signage up on the outside of the building. Sore bodies but happy days. Thanks to Dave, Paul and Grant for helping me shift the mat.