• Champions Cup Report

    Well, we came, we rolled and then got drunk. The trip got off to a slow start with flight delays causing us to arrive later than expected on Friday evening. The day itself was long as always with a solid performances all around. No easy fights this time. The hardcore competitors who were willing to make the trip over Bass Strait meant that there may not have been big divisions but the talent that was present was high. Here is my summary from what I can remember…Marco had a huge white belt division as always and worked himself to the top four in both gi and no gi but failed to medal. Gutsy performances. Marco loves to scrap. He will be in with a shot for the Pan Pacs. Paul took a bronze in the white belt no-gi at his weight and is developing his guard game nicely. Smithy always looks calm under pressure and will be up for a big Pan Pacs. He is going in every comp he can and is getting lots of matches under his belt. Dave had two tough fights losing to the eventual winner in both gi and no-gi and getting a bronze medal. Dave is yet to perform at his potential and can go again at the Pan Pacs if he chooses. Tambo was the pick of the bunch winning his weight at blue in both gi and no-gi having to wrassle some bigger guys he held them off and stayed active to get the “W”. Two gold for Extreme Ringwood. Rick also had some tough matches to win his weight at white no-gi. There were some good big guys on show and Ricks powerful top game won the day. In the gi Rick lost his first match after dropping the initiative, but his opponent knew he was in a fight. Jason took the points in his first match in Purple gi, sweeping to control the top position, and lost to the young Brasilian boy from Nova Uniao in Perth in the second match, this kid tore through all of us that day. Two tough matches. Hope Jase has a crack at the Pan Pacs. Chris re-aggravated a neck injury early in his first no-gi bout but took the win. His second fight was a slow start to someone who kept backing away, ultimately frustrating Chris, dropping the match on a narrow points margin. The gi division was similar as Chris almost locked in a triangle in time but lost on points. I lost the final of my weight at Purple to get a silver after getting thrown on multiple occasions and eventually arm barred after escaping a few times. I love good judo and so was impressed and pissed off all at the same time whilst being air borne because I had no idea what he caught me with…. I went on to win the first match of the Open Purple on points but lost the second on points to the eventual winner of division to take bronze. A smallish comp but the standard was high, all the guys had some great matches on the mat and it was good to catch up with some old friends and make some new friends over some drinks at the Irish Pub in Hobart afterward. The front door security guard at the pub had his medal in his pocket after taking a third in the comp that day at white belt. Hilarious. I hope he knew Big Mick Wilson was in the house that nite! For those interested in another team trip the comp will be held Adelaide next year.