• Thales Leites UFC 90

    Wasnt heaps of jits action on the weekends televised UFC fight card and I can understand why they put Werdum getting knocked out by Dos Santos on the PPV instead, but Thales displays some nice technical grappling here to get the finish. Watching this event was like watching a kickboxing event. The one guy who wrestled and controlled his way to a win over a dangerous opponent was Gray Maynard and he was booed from the Octagon, not fair me thinks, at no point in that fight did either guy stall IMO. Maynard felt obliged to apologize for the way the match panned out in the post fight interview with Rogan, which I didn’t think he needed to do. If a boxer fights smart against a puncher he is applauded, like Bisping did against Leben, well the same smart tactics need to be appreciated on the mat. I hope the rules and refs still allow action on the ground. Now that MMA has gone even more mainstream again, don’t change the rules or their interpretation to keep Joe Average happy. It will be the beginning of the end for MMA. Don’t change the product. Educate the fans. Please.