• AFBJJ Comp Dates and Information

    Please mark the following dates in your diary if you wish to compete this year. The new format will require some advance planning with your personal work schedules. The Vic champs is the most immediate comp on the 3rd and 4th April, 7 weeks away today to be precise. I wont be competing this year but will help and support anyone that wishes to enter these competitions as this is invaluable to your growth and development in BJJ. I will gauge interest in the team and see if we go to Adelaide this year as Hobart was a great success last year. There is some upside in that electronic score boards will be used and a computerised fight schedule also employed to avoid long delays. Just one question though, why are none of the AFBJJ events listed on the IFBJJ website? Does the world governing body not recognise the AFBJJ events? Hmmmm. Europe, USA, Asia, but no Australia. The following then is taken directly from the AFBJJ website. I am happy someone thinks the sport is becoming more professional (sarcasm intended.)


    Place: ESTA Park, 155 Railway Terrace, Mile End, Adelaide 5031. 10 minutes from airport on the way to the city and just 5 minutes to the heart of the city.

    Date: Sunday the 23rd of August 2009

    Entry Details: Online by the 20th July 2009


    The new format will see two complete days for both the Victorian Championships and the Pan Pacific Championships.

    Both events will have the following format:

    Friday: All Adult heats

    Saturday: All Junior heats and finals; All Adult finals

    This format will allow for a very accurate fight schedule and also avoid late running days.

    It is anticipated that as the sport grows we shall move to a Thursday, Friday and Saturday in 2010.

    Finally Jiu Jitsu is moving away from the weekend sport to a professional organisation.


    Victorian Championships – Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre – Friday the 3rd April and Saturday the 4th of April.

    Pan Pacific Championships – Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre – Friday the 16th October and Saturday the 17th October.