• Class Times Updates

    From the 3rd March there will be Gi training for the first and second class on Tuesday nite. This will give competitors getting ready for the Vics in early April a chance to prepare for the comp. The first class will be basics as normal and the second class will be focused on comp preparation. Other BJJ classes during the week will remain no-gi for now. Also MMA classes will run on Thursday and Saturday during March as listed, I will start the class at quarter past the hour and run for 45min. This will give the previous class adequate free training time and MMA will be a continuation after the first session has finished. That is, anyone wishing to do MMA must do the first session as well and have at least six months BJJ training experience. Please bring MMA gloves, 16oz boxing gloves and a mouth guard as a minimum. There is some extra gear that can be borrowed. Anyone wishing not to do MMA is welcome to stay on the mat for free training. Jason will be teaching the class this Saturday as I have commitments at my practice and Dave will be teaching on the following Saturday as Jason and I are flying to Sydney for the ADCC qualification tournament. Cheers.