• Monday Morning Training Session?

    Just wanted to float the idea of a competition training session on Mondays from 6am-7am between now and the next competition which is the Vics in early April. This would give us four extra sessions before the comp, ideally I would like to start the next one 6 weeks out from the tournament. I would like to get 6-8 guys on the mat to make it worthwhile. Please post a comment or let me know verbally if your interested in early morning training. I wouldn’t make this a full time class and only use it in the weeks leading up to comps and expect that all who attend will enter. The Vics is the only big comp in the first half of the year so make up your mind and let me know before its too late. Early morning sessions are not everyones cup of tea but are a great way to start the day and a training week. We have showers now, so it means you can go to work straight after your work out.