• Good Hygiene and Mat Cleaning

    For now on the mat will be cleaned after every training session which means we will finish early and share the workload. Please wash your gi’s and every piece of training equipment you have including head gear, knee pads etc after each session. Please dont come to training with unclean and unwashed training gear. Please make sure you shower within 15min or so after a training session has finished and cover any open wounds whilst training. Shoes off the mat and bring slippers to training for trips to the toilet. If you have any unusual pimples, infected hair follicles, rashes etc stay off the mat as a courtesy to your training partners until it clears completely. If you bleed, get off the mat straight away and spray with antiseptic immediately and wipe it down. Skin infections are an unfortunate reality of grappling training and outbreaks are not unusual, the answer is good personal hygiene and mat cleaning. We all need to be very diligent over the next few weeks. Dont panic, be sensible. Most Staph infections are low grade and short lived, some require antibiotics from the GP and rarely it can require hospitalization if it spreads past the skin. But most importantly we need to stop re-infecting each other to break the cycle. Consider yourself warned. Good Hygiene and Mat Cleaning. Fix the problem not the blame.