• Not happy Jan

    Where the hell did everyone go! Somewhere between births, deaths, marriages, rare skin diseases, man flu, winter blues, pregnancies, work commitments and a conglomerate of injuries the mat is officially empty. I have got no idea who is coming to the UFC 98 this Sunday at Slyms and have even less idea who is coming to the clubs 3rd birthday at the Hot Springs in Rye in two weeks. Two people have told me they cant make it and one other is interested. Thats it. I have paid in advance for 14 people at $70/head to get that booking and have nothing to show for it. If I dont get a firm commitment by this weekend I will cancel the lot and lose money due to the refund policy of the hot springs. So firstly consider training at some point please if its not too much trouble, secondly email, text, twitter, facebook, phone, write or talk to me in person and let me know what the feck is going on. Not happy Jan.