• Friday Night Grading

    Congratulations to all those who graded successfully on the night. The addition of six new blue belts to the mat is a welcome sight and testament to the growth and development of the group. I hope each of the new blues now makes a commitment to the next phase of training. We used to say at karate that the only good thing about being a black belt is being able to wear it. In that ultimately the higher your grade the more responsibility you carry both in terms of yourself but also to the group as a whole. Everyone performed well on the night with a format that is still evolving and we will debrief on the some of the grading expectations over the next few sessions and make adjustments for next time. On a downer, Big Rick was on the receiving end of a nasty knee and ankle injury that we will assess and manage over the next few weeks. Tough for a guy who is very deserving of his new rank with such an outstanding competitive record. We wish him a speedy recovery. So over the next few classes please bring some camera’s to training for happy snaps and please send me copies so I can post them on the blog. If all goes well we will be moving to our new home down the road in July, I will provide more details shortly. So thanks again for your your efforts in representing our club and I look forward to training and competing together in the months and years ahead. Osu.