• New Classes Added

    BOXING FOR MMA Tues 6pm Sat 11am

    Boxing footwork and basics for MMA. Padwork, drills and combinations. Aspects of Dirty Boxing in the clinch. As well as set ups to takedowns from punches and takedown defence.. You will need MMA Gloves, 16oz gloves and a mouthguard. All about learning the fundamentals.

    The class will be taught by Dave Cassar. Dave is a longtime friend, student and sparring partner for Dave Berry, a living legend in martial arts circles. Dave Cassar has over twenty years experience in stand up fighting and has had multiple amateur kickboxing fights and sparred some of the big names in the business. Dave brings his no-nonsense approach to classes and is focused on developing real world fighting skills that transition well into MMA. There is a separate class, starting in September, for MMA Sparring during the week that is open by invitation only.

    MMA SPARRING Fri 7pm Starting September 2009

    Invitation Only. You will need headgear, shinpads, 16oz gloves, mouthguard and MMA gloves to attend. Class will focus on timed sparring rounds and isolation drills to develop MMA skills in a competitive environment. Pressure testing the skills you have acquired against a non-compliant opponent. 6 months of regular attendance at Jiu Jitsu and Boxing for MMA classes will be required to attend this class to ensure proper skill development.

    The goal will be to develop a group of athletes to compete in a C class Shooto event in December 2009 against athletes from Extreme academies in Ringwood and Chadstone.