• Just snuck into the top ten….

    Here is an article highlighting the top ten competitors at Black/Brown/Purple belt in Australia for results at AFBJJ tournaments in the past 3 years. I got a look in at number 10 for Purple Belt. The list makes for interesting reading in who performs well each and every competition. I would like to see a separate list for Adults/Masters/Seniors as the standard is different across the different age brackets and the Adult category still remains open age and in my opinion the gold standard where the true test lives. A few missing names at Purple belt include Priscus Fogagnolo, Dave Deconte and Graeme Waraera, three top guys that have performed well in recent competitions locally and overseas. Ross the Boss at number 5 in Browns will make some big gains over the next half of this year on current form me thinks. Rodney Ellis also needs to be recognized for his consistent efforts leading up to qualifying for ADCC. Lets see if we cant get some more Extreme names into this list in the coming months with the Champions Cup around the corner.