• Champions Cup Report

    Well seven competitors and one official photographer, who is highly skilled in BJJ, made their way over to Adelaide on Saturday afternoon to compete at this years Champions Cup. The day began promptly and ran smoothly for most of the day running late in the afternoon owing to injured competitors and a lack of officials. Paul Smith came home with a silver medal, Chris Gleeson with two bronze, me with a silver and a bronze. Not our best outing but preparation wasn’t ideal and the goal is to peak for the Pan Pacs in 8 weeks time. So some valuable competition experience was gained at this event and many of the matches were decided by very small margins. In the end at least we know as a team were are close to the mark and require some fine tuning and more focused competition training. So from here on in to the Pan Pacs, Tues nite from 7pm in Gi and Saturday from 1pm in No-Gi will be Competition based sessions so be prepared to work hard. Lots more timed rounds, matches and takedowns practice, shark bait drills etc. to mimmick the intensity of matches. So the first hour will be fundamentals with some free rolling and second hour will be comp training focused.