• Melbourne Cup Day & Other Stuff

    Please be aware that there will be no classes this Tuesday 3rd November owing to the Public Holiday. Also on Thursday 26th November we will be taking a bus trip to train at the Ringwood academy. We will leave at 5.30pm from Mornington and return by 9.00pm. Please let me know if your interested in coming so I know what numbers to expect. There will be no classes at the Mornington club that evening due to a VCAL event. Finally on Saturday 12th December we will be holding a combined MMA training session with members of the Ringwood academy. This will take the place of normal training. There will be a round robin competitive format consisting of 2 3min rounds and will follow C class Shooto rules. Everyone will be matched as closely as possible by weight and experience. I encourage everyone to participate as it as great chance to put together all your stand up, wrestling and ground skills. The emphasis will be on training and learning not winning.