• Australian Sports Nutrition

    Just got back from a weeks holiday with the family. While I was away I was thinking about Donny from ASN who came and spoke to the group regarding some of the products available at his store in Frankston. Firstly I was impressed with his knowledge of the nutritional aspects of training and performance enhancement. But secondly, I was equally, if not more so, impressed with his amazing commitment to his chosen sport of bodybuilding and the sacrifices he makes to achieve his training goals. By his own admission bodybuilding is not healthy but he does what is required to achieve competitive outcomes. I was most inspired by his commitment to his personal training journey and his well informed but no nonsense approach to nutrition and supplements. As a health care practitioner myself the goal is always to balance a system of the body. A fit body is not necessarily a healthy one. But for a competitor, the ends justifies the means. There is a price that needs to be paid. Watching and observing elite level athletes, particularly ones who compete on a an amateur level, that is, they fund their own training and competing; guys like Donny as a bodybulider or Niall as a triathlete, can bring a valuable opportunity to examine our own dedication to our training journey as martial artists.