• MMA Match Practice

    A very big thank you to all Extreme students who made the trip to Mornington for our MMA match practice. We got through 10 matches in just over an hour, with most guys getting two matches. There were guys from Chadstone and Ringwood who made the trip. There were some nice submissions and takedowns on the day and only one fight was stopped due to a cut. I think the C-class rules worked well although we need to make sure everyone brings their own head gear next time. The great benefit I think of this type of training is combining what we often train separately, stand up, clinch and ground and trying to put it together in a competitive environment. There were many positive comments afterward requesting to do this all again and I think we will try to get one going again in three months time. It was great to see a bunch of guys having a roll together after the matches just to train with guys from other academies. Next time there will be less spectators, I want this to be about training and participating not the spectacle of watching two guys fight.