• More Thoughts

    I made the observation last night after training that I finally think we have an actual club on our hands. In just under four years we have began to achieve what I set out to do. Building a team of dedicated and talented grapplers on the Peninsula. As a group we have a wide range of body types, sizes, ages, games and experience levels, succeeded individually and collectively at competitions and now have a core group of novice, beginner and intermediate level students. The learning culture on the mat is strong and competitive where people are willing to try and test ideas and techniques. We have a number of teachers on the mat ready to instruct the many new faces turning up at our doorstep. All the guys are friendly and respectful to their training partners. Class sizes are growing and so the number of training partners available increases and accelerates our learning curves. We are now at the point where the club is bigger than any individual, which is a good sign of progress. I can delegate responsibilities to others without having to look over their shoulder and know that things get done properly. I hope we finally have the momentum to take the next step as a group. That we have achieved some kind of critical mass, only time will tell. We can offer a very strong grappling curriculum and striking classes for MMA, with techniques that are both reliable and reproducible in a pressure situation. We have a strong training philosophy about “Aliveness” and we are affiliated to a strong national organisation. My dream for the remainder of this year is to get our best guys back on the mat more often. There are a few blue belts out through injuries, or other pursuits, who would be gladly welcomed back into this environment when the time is right. To get our best and complete competition team out on the mat for the Pan Pacs in the last weekend of November would be a great achievement. Thanks to all those who have helped with the journey so far.