• Dana White talks UFC 112

    I couldn’t even sit through the final round of this fight. Disgrace. Unless Silva is deliberately trying to piss off the UFC (and succeeding admirably then btw), which is possible, I cant see why he fights this way. But to have so much talent and so little heart is a crime. A champion Anderson Silva is not. Also Edgar was busier than Penn but I was not really convinced he won the fight. Take a look at the stats from Fightmetric on the bout, which gave the decision to Penn 49-47. A case can be made for Edgar but I dont think Penn should lose his title on such a bad or tight call. To be the champ you need to beat the champ IMO. The undercard saved this event, the three marquee fights were terrible, the whole Abu Dhabi event stunk to high heaven of cheap commercialism and fighters getting their pay packet and going home. Maybe the UFC culture of use and abuse is finally catching up to it. The irony of this result in the land of glorious excess was not lost on me.