• Inaugural Extreme Inter Club Competition

    The posters have been up around the club for some time with respect to the first competition to be held at Extreme HQ on Saturday 10th July in Chadstone. There will novice, intermediate and advanced divisions that will be divided according to weight. It be will be in a round robin format ensuring each competitor gets a series of matches. Please support your local club by flying the flag for Mornington Extreme and also our organisation as a whole by entering and competing. Extreme JJG has now grown to support such competitions and it is vital we get started with a strong event. It has been said that experience gained in competition is equivalent to two months training. Take this chance to compete for the first time with plenty of matches or tune your game for more experienced competitors. There will be no classes on this day at Mornington as I expect everyone to attend or compete in this event and if you are going to pay to spectate you might as well enter : ) Osu. BTW Sorry I haven’t posted much but the FIFA World Cup has taking up my spare time. We will return to normal postings after Holland wins the final.