• Timetable Changes

    From next week there will be subtle changes to the timetable. There will now be two junior classes during the week from 6-7pm on Tuesday and Thursday. We would like to get the kids training more often and some of the older boys incorporated into the adult beginner classes once they reach 14-15 years old. Boxing for MMA will be at 9am on Saturday followed by MMA at 10am and lastly by No Gi training at 11am. So for those guys wanting to do MMA style training come in at 9am and for those just wanting to wrestle come down for a 11am start. The goal will be to train guys up for inter club fights as well as C class Shooto events locally. Please bring your own gloves (MMA and 16oz), mouthguard, headgear and shin pads to each session. No gear, no train.