• Ep1 TTT Smitty Guward!

    Alright… heres the first of hopefully many posts, on what will serve as a limited journal of my (TTT) Tips, tricks and techniques of the grand tour de gymnasium!! Moose!

    Quick rundown:
    So after literally about a day of flying we arrived in NYC (19hrs to LA and 5.3 to NYC connection), so today (three days on) I’ve finally adjusted I think… even though I just dropped my whole coffee Argh!! (Jason multi tasking score: 0 for 0). We moved into our apartment that we sourced off Airbnb and originally I wasn’t sure if it was legitimate, but turns out to be a gold mine. We are in a great locale in an apartment all to ourselves and for around $125 a night, free web its a bargain. Main draw cards are 10 minutes walk from time square and MG and for Heidi Macys is pretty much just down our street. Plus the apartments nice typically small but not much time spent here anyways.

    Alright to the nitty gritty after a recon mission in the morning to MG I return later in the day with a gi in hand and a fist full of green backs (training cost alittle bit). First disappointment is that MG will not be in all week due to Post ADCC rest… DOH! None the less the class I attended had some really good guys and clearly I walked in with a target on my back in the color of purple because there were no easy beats…. cept maybe my first roll…. after that it was ” hey you and me lets go” or “jason you can go with this guys next” good to see its a universal protocol, hehe. All of that aside the technique we did was THE SMITTY GUWARD!!! x – guard, to be more precise it was a: “grape vinned mount escape to single leg x-guward sweep” and for the remainder of the class during free rolling I found myself stuck balancing in some form or adaptation of this guard ( great sweep defence paul).