• Ep4 The Open Mat and no one walks in LA

    Jeroen has put me onto an app so that I can blog since my Mac has decieded to go and hang out with steve jobs (RIP) for a little while, just hope steve doesn’t keep all my photos amongst othere misc files. So thanks to Jeroen I can blog, no thanks to this app I can’t spell check, let this be a warning; I put wet stooff on da hot stooff 🙂

    Two days ago I arrived in LA and I basically chose my hotel based on proximity to the club. Down side is that it is not close to anything else, cept la brea tar pits, which are just Pit full of tar seeping from the ground ( kinda interesting but not what you would come to LA for. So in a nut shell if you don’t have a car in LA… Ya F&$€ed! And even more screwed when ur mac dies and ur credit card snaps ( and becomes useless ) but thats what LA is about… Its makes you or breaks you.., lucky I fly out tomoz.

    So the open mat was a perfect way for me to filter into Cobrinha club and even better cause classes aren’t held on sundays so I got an extra day. There were guys from all over the place even as far as San Diego ( saulo’s). A few guys that I spoke to were from the following; JJ machado, Rigans, Gracie accademy, Paragon and so on. It was a perfect opportunity to net work and find clubs… If only I had more time.

    So Cobrinha introduced himself and the session and then it was “the awkward ball” ( find a dance partner a begin training ). Everyone danced and changed partners every 6 minutes. In the begining I found myself out in badlands, dark colors standing on every corner. He he. Rollnumber two was the man himself “Cobrinha” cant really remember much other than thinking… Nothing is working, he basically set up camp on my back ( pass, back, pass back). He was really approachable though and during the roll he made some observations and gave some tips 🙂

    All in all was a great session, you can always tell it wasgoid when you get home and your heads all bruised up.

    Well thats it for now I am off to the human circus ” venice beach boardwalk”

    This pick is of the class before adv classes last night, its basically just all drilling specific reaction and the last 15 minutes is a technique