Last Ep of TTT
    LA LA is a joke!  A state sanctioned circus where people come to idolise other people for trivial accomplishments. Don’t get me wrong I love watching movies, but everything here is a plastic facade. A spectacle of crap!! about as entertaining as a show bag with out chocolates.
     Today I got out of my fringed dwelling of LA and headed down to Santa Monica pier which is still a spectacle but a nicer place. Tomorrow I’ll hopefully get to venice beach “the humane zoo” should be fun.
    Enough Whining though… How about an image to make you guys laugh… Below is a shot of “me ‘ed” after the open mat. Not the most flattering shot and perhaps a little Narcissistic, I’ll give you that! But I thought some of you might like to laugh at it,  and to find some solace in the idea that everyone dog has his day or as Renzo say’s “sometimes you’re the hammer and sometimes you’re the nail” ,  or in this case “sometimes your the nail and sometimes your the nail” so here it is; 

    Yesterdays training was a good session;,cobrinha basically jumped straight into the session with some techniques. Two passes that we’re linked by a common response (defence/bloke by the opponent). The class had no warm up… just bang straight into the technique, then it was timed rounds for the remainder. Cobrinha and Fabio (the other instructor there) were both on the Mat rolling with everyone and at the end of the class, Cobrinha hung around discussing different situations and answering any questions anyone had,  he showed some great stuff here and emphasized the need to drill, DRILL and DRILL some more!!

    Ok so I am at the end of my sojourn around, through, in and out of a small part of America and an equally small part of its Ju Jitsu culture. As brief as it has been I’ve picked up some tricks, tips and techniques and hopefully some motivation or a desire to move forward as well as a better perspective on where I am at personally with Zhoo Zhitsu!!

    So I’ll have about 19 hrs to try and remember and reflect on all the little bits and pieces I’ve seen over the weeks so that hopefully I can impart them on to you guys.  But one definite technique I’ve had emphasised to me over the weeks is “mat time” you can’t beat mat time, the best guys were the guys you saw at every class, morning, lunch and noon. So hopefully see you all at training next week.. OSU or as some might say MOOS!!