• Updated Timetable 2010

    Please note there will be some small changes to class times in 2010. Tuesday’s first class @7pm will be a dedicated Gi class. On Friday from 5pm there will be an Open Mat for students graded White belt 2 stripes and above. And Saturday from 1pm will be an MMA session like the good old days. Please bring all your own protective equipment to these MMA sessions including head gear. So if you need new gi’s or MMA equipment ask Santa to bring you some for Xmas. This means there are classes now 6 days per week in Judo, BJJ, Boxing & MMA. No more excuses for not training. Keep your eyes out for our new wall to wall tatami mat, it will be a monster! Also a big congrats to my long time friend and training partner Brett who received his purple belt from Ringwood Head Coach, Bernie Jenkins, during the week. Merry Christmas.