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    Many of the guys who train with us have spent time on the Judo mat looking to improve their stand up throwing skills. There is also a long standing rivalry between Judo and Jiu Jitsu as to which is more effective in various situations either street applications or competitions. For me at least circumstances dictate tactics, in that the answer to what works is in what do you need to achieve?, a competition ippon throw? a tournament submission? surviving and escaping a physical confrontation? Because the answers to these simple questions ultimately dictate the direction of your training. Don’t get me wrong, landing someone on their head with a good judo throw in the street, is better than rolling around on the floor looking for a submission in my opinion. But the multitude of rules in Olympic Judo, removing what works for what looks nice is a backward step in combat effectiveness if thats what you hope to achieve. Even BJJ competition training encourages very bad habits like pulling guard to start a match, which is an effective competition strategy but a terrible street application. Anyway, here is more from the global training report discussing this issue in more depth, where someone has gone to Japan to study Judo and try to incorporate aspects in to his BJJ training. I think it makes for interesting reading.