• AFBJJ adopts IBJJF rules for local comps….

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to let you all know that the AFBJJ has now adopted the current version of the IBJJF rules – word for word! We will continue to follow their updates in the future too.

    Please note the small supplementary note that is linked next to the download on the AFBJJ site:

    In the case of Frontal Guillotine,Frontal Neck Crank and Cervical lock (with chokes),as mentioned in the context of the rules, the referee retains the right to determine
    whether, in his or her opinion, the neck is being stretched (leading to possible cervical damage) or choked.
    Where the referee determines that the neck is being stretched, and that possible cervical damage could occur, the fight shall be immediately stopped and the competitor applying the submission shall be disquali ed.

    We have included this note to clarify a point that is likely to come up. To be clear, our priority is to protect the neck. If competitors choose to apply any of the above-mentioned techniques it will be their responsibility to do so without stretching the neck. There are a few that hold the interpretation that provided a choke is on, a competitor can do whatever he wants to the neck. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. Any stretching of the neck will be deemed a disqualifiable offence.

    We’ll be doing a demonstration at the start of the Aus Cup and the Pan Pacs, but please inform your teammates in the meantime so you can practise techniques that do not stretch the neck.

    Please email me via referee@afbjj.com or angus.friend@gmail.com if you have any further queries, being sure to include your name and club. You will be free to post my responses if you like, as I won’t be answering posts on this forum.

    AFBJJ Head Ref.