• Launching Our Junior Program

    I am excited to announce that from Tuesday 5th October we will be running a Junior Program at Mornington Extreme JJG. Classes will run on Thursday evening at 6pm and Saturday morning at 9am. Classes will be aimed at junior athletes from 8-15 years of age. Classes will run during the school term and will be conducted by David Cassar and Paul Smith, both David and Paul are long time students, experienced competitors and coaches. Gradings will be conducted at the end of each term according to the Junior Syllabus that has been developed. As is standard in other BJJ schools belts will go from White to Yellow to Orange to Green to Blue. Classes are structured to develop skills, fitness, confidence and co-ordination in young people in sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling. Once a student has reached the rank of Blue belt and 15 years of age they can continue to train in the adult classes. This new program gives us a tremendous opportunity to develop junior athletes and take the club to the next level. A number of people have made requests for this program so please support the new classes. I will put together an information package shortly. Osu