• Above the line or below the line.

    Am having a great time at the instructors training weekend. Even though I can’t train due to a back injury I have learnt a lot and have spent time with some fantastic people. Watching high level guys teach and train in there chosen sport whether it be wrestling for Cris Brown or Marcelino Freitas in BJJ has been amazing. Its all on tape as well so we can all bring it back to our respective clubs. Watching Fretais use jiu jitsu strategies and techniques to beat wrestling or Cris using wrestling tactics to beat jiu jitsu has opened my eyes to a whole new level of the game. Its all been done in a friendly and sharing way with everyone asking questions and just looking to improve their skills. Its exciting to be part of group with this level of coach available. Back there today for more learning.

    Anyhow, one of the best karateka and examples of a lifelong martial artist, Cameron Quinn, is in attendance and received his purple belt yesterday from Coach John Donehue. I was talking to Cameron yesterday morning and he mentioned the idea of OAR and BED as acronyms for personal development. Here is an article which outlines the idea from a coaching stand point. I really liked the idea so I’d thought it share it. The idea of course is to spend time above the line rather than below it in all aspects of our life.