• Ep2 Travotine and northsouth choke!!

    So tonight was No-gi for an 1.30 and I recon about 30 guys on the mat which made some of the warm up seem long (note to self write down warm up routine). After treading the foot path and museum tour of town, I was well hammered and definately needed to get down to the gym. Tonights classes run until 10pm and after which just about nothing closes here, so you can grab dinner and coffee and new shoes/clothes (i.e UA rashie long sleeve $30USD, like the birds “cheap, cheap.) after training, very cool.

    So the technique we did was pretty sweet most of its in the title and so rather than bore you with the details….. hopefully I recall it all on  my possible return I’ll impart my knew found knowledge.

    Long and short we did: Pass to side control counter far side underhook, attack arm, use the escape to mount, steer opponent to mounted guillotine or if countered switch off to side and move to north south choke 🙂

    The highlight of tonight was having my glaring, obvious and some what large holes pointed out to me, by none other than the man, the legend, the cuz and for those who don’t know; 2007 World Champion (amongst other titles) Lucas Lepri. With what seemed like sleepy movement he proceeded to control and attack me for 8 – 10 minutes. Lucas lives here in NYC and trains at Alliance, but comes up to MG twice a week to in his words; ” see and train with my friends” namely I think a little guy by the name of Henrique Reznde who’s a coach here along with Paul Schriener. Hopefully at some point this week I am gonna head down to Lucas’s gym and train down there this week.  Just gotta find a way to dry my gi quicker.

    Its late here and I am falling asleep typing this, so I apologise for lack of humour and any grammatical errors, of which I am sure there are many… ( must get someone to dictate my post too).