• So this Episode has been a long time coming in part due to our internet dropping out in NY and the fact that spare time on the net has been drastically chewed up by booking hotels and cars.These two things have also drastically chewed up my funds.
    In short we have been covering a mass distance of America via trains, plains and automobiles or no trains, but you get the idea. Sedona was my favorite place so far. Vegas was very short lived ( no training L ), San fransico was just as short ( no training ) and all the towns inbetween ( no training ).
    Ok so that’s the explanation and now for a quick BJJ story, Last few session at MG were pretty cool but I was getting in there early in the morning and due to the Comp a lot of guys had backed off their training.  Paul showed some good half guard stuff (he’s a gordo BB so pretty much his bread and butter) and we did a few escapes.
     Next day I headed out to No-gi Pan’s. At first I was a little disappointed because I thought it would be a bigger event. Lots of good guys but it just wasn’t as grand as I expected but then I think I was confusing the Pan and World no-gi. The main matches I watched was Lucas Lepri in the semi and final… he basically just walked through the two guys,I don’t think he was even sweating when he walked off.
    I had asked him about conditioning at the gym and he said he just did some Oly lifts and Bulgarian bag work… gotta get a bag (that must be the difference). Its actually scary how far above the level was. At one point he had attempted to pass deep half but got caught so after balancing for a while near the edge of the mat, you could see he decided to give up the sweep. Not as soon as he was swept did he straight away arm drag back to the top (giving uo something to get something, like sacrificing a pawn to get a bishop). His next opponent he took down, and then just controlled him and took his back eventually. He looked super calm and really composed, like it was just another training session. The next match I watched was Henrique (MG) and the Half guard terrorist Ciao go at it in the finals. This was a crazy macth, little guys are so good to watch and these two guys are sooooo little, Ciao looks like a boy! I think Ciao won by Adv.  I’ve filmed some of it so I’ll try and post it.
    The states has been smashing my Bank account due mainly to hotels and unforeseen glitches. This and not being able to find out when I am due back at work has put an end to Brazil L oh well. At the moment I fly back on Wednesday 12, but I am trying to get my flights extended so I can get down to San Diego, but it all depends on how much they want to charge me for the change. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get into cobrinha’s to get the gold for you guys. 

    This is a shot of the comp… guess they all look the same, cept maybe ADCC ( Pro-gi and No – gi)