• Drilling

    I often think that drilling is the “secret sauce” in improving rapidly in BJJ, particularly after the first 6-12 months of training. I enjoyed watching two guys at our club yesterday set a timer for 2 minutes and just repeat a single movement for time. Moving fluently and consistently they choose their pass, shut up and drilled the movement. They didn’t waste time discussing the nuances of inverted De La Riva guard while moving nor waste energy trying to fight to the death. Smooth and consistent each rep, like a metronome, I could just see how this would translate to greater timing and sensitivity in the future. Even better each drill was written in a diary for future reference. Also I noticed they didn’t drill submissions, but instead focused on smooth common transitional movements like passes, sweeps, maintaining top control and re-guarding. Much respect gentleman.

    Learning new techniques is great and rolling or free training is always fun. But drilling is what sets apart the boys from the men. Spend more time drilling techniques is the lesson. Choose a transition, find a partner, set the timer and go to work. Its simple, but not easy as Dan John would say.